Joss Whedon: Sexy Brain

As faithful readers are aware, Some of Nothing's mission in the world is to dispense karmic justice. This means that we use what little talent and energy we have to try to correct the things we think are wrong with the world (e.g., inequality, environmental degradation, bad grammar) and show off the things we think are right (e.g., democratic ideals, creativity, good hygiene). One of our most basic rights that is often overlooked and intentionally undermined is our intelligence. Apparently, there is a myth being perpetuated by knaves and NASCAR fans (not all of them) that suggests that those of us who think more, actually feel less. That being "clever" is actually somehow a bad thing and that the way to get in good with the people is to check your brain at the door, throw your hands in the air, and then go out for a brewsky to celebrate with your comrades in unconsciousness. However, we at Some of Nothing think that's utter nonsense and are here to say what no good physician will ever admit: the way to our hearts is through our minds. Based on this notion, we have created a brand new (not redeemable for cash) award--the sexy brain.

Needless to say, on this momentous occasion, we had some difficulty determining who would be the first sexy brain recipient. With so many sexy brains in the world, we knew it had to be someone special. Someone whose brain was so sexy that it would keep us up at night--thrilled by its perspicacity while we slowly, gently peeled back its layers of subtlety. Someone whose brain could take many different positions on a topic while continuing to surge forth with one overarching recondite idea. Someone who had a brain of both sensitivity and vigor and who was adept at using every inch of it to achieve a vital objective. And that someone was none other than Joss Whedon.

There are some of us who say, with zero hyperbole, that Joss Whedon is the William Shakespeare of our time. It is important to note that Shakespeare was a writer for the common man, that he used his eloquence and wit to wring the truth out of every subject, that he significantly contributed to the English language by inventing and popularizing new words, and that he wore funny clothes. Creator and writer of the heroically human characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly (among other shows), Joss Whedon does all of those things and apparently plays several musical instruments as well. He is geeky of his own accord, can write a TV musical that doesn't suck, and prefers skim milk (yeah, that was a weak joke). Beyond all this, he gives incredibly honest, humorous, and high-minded speeches:

This speech really shows off Joss' sexy brain--must watch.

In spite of the fact that Some of Nothing has for many moons been a relatively sans-TV organization, we recognize those who inspire us with their spectacular stories, clever dialog, and complexly beautiful perspectives. And since the few television shows we do enjoy come to us by way of DVD or the internets, we want those sexy minds to be rewarded accordingly. So, to Joss Whedon--one of the humans involved in the Writers Guild strike, we at Some of Nothing are pleased to present the very first sexy brain award.

UPDATE: If you want to purchase a Joss Whedon: sexy brain shirt, go to our shameless commerce shop. HalfALL (stickin it to our investors!) of the proceeds will go to Equality Now! in honor of Joss' sexy brain.

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The One True b!X said...

A brain so sexy, it inspired his fans to do this.

slag said...

Right on, the one true b!X! This website will be appearing on our "Other People's Genius" post shortly. Stay tuned...

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